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Behind the cameras

About us

A complete audiovisual production bureau.

We carry out national and international productions and co-productions.

We develop and execute projects from pre to post-production.

We offer:

  • Support base with a multilingual team for international co-productions where we hire local crews, rent equipment, and arrange transportation and logistics.

  • Budgeting, shooting schedules, and call sheets. Location, and appearances releases 

  • Casting of models, actors, presenters, and voice over talents.

  • Outstanding talent database with cinematographers, makeup artists, videographers, sound technicians, producers, and production assistants all over the country.

  • Talent database of post-production professionals such as illustrators, 2D, and 3D animators, and colorists.

About Erick

Hello! I'm Erick. Trough video I help brands to engage and inspire their teams, and clients.
I'm a Director and Executive Producer of branded and corporate films, with a strong affinity with fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries. 

I have lived and worked in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. With 20 years of experience in the video production business, I and my team have produced for clients such as Airbnb, The Fork, Kimberly Clarke, General Mills, HBO, and others.

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